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Written by: League Administrator
Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Fall Ball has come to an end and we can officially close the books on another successful season. Please look out for information regarding sign ups for the 2016 season which will take place in January/February. Tryouts will follow in March.

If anyone is interested in volunteering as a member of the board please contact us at info@warrenlittleleague.com. The league is run 100% by volunteers and without them your children would not be able to play this wonderful sport. We are in need of board participation next season and beyond in order for Warren Little League to continue!! Currently our board is only 6 members strong and just to put into perspective the need for new members, please consider the following...

Your current president and majors commissioner no longer has a player in our league, unless we have a juniors team next season. (over 5 years of board participation)

Your current vice president, treasurer, player agent, website administrator has an 11 year old in majors next season. (almost 10 years of board participation)

Your current secretary has only a 9 year old in minors unless we have a juniors team next season. (1-5 years of board participation)

Your current fund raising coordinator has no children in the league. (1-5 years of board participation)

Your current safety officer no longer has a player in our league, unless we have a juniors team next season (over 5 years of board participation)

Your current minor's commissioner has a 10 year old in minors next season. (1 year of board participation)

These facts are not meant to scare you into participating on the board but it does not take much to see the writing on the wall. Unless new members begin to learn the league and all it takes to give the boys and girls of Warren the opportunity to play baseball, the league is in jeopardy. If you have young children who love baseball I urge you to begin to get involved. It takes time to learn the league and all the things that are taken for granted by those that do not know.

Do you know why there is lime to line the field for all games?... A board member.

Do you know how the players all have uniforms?... A board member..

Do you now how the players have baseballs to practice and play games with?... A board member.

Do you know how we get our sponsors?... Board members stuffed and mail letters to them in November.

Do you know how our teams play in tournaments? A board member.

Do you know how we have the great opening day parade that focuses on the players? Board members planned and organized it.

Do you know why your child is able to play a game after a rain storm??? Because a board member worked on the field in the rain and mud to get it playable.

I would hate to see the boys and girls of Warren be without baseball in a few years. Your current board does not claim to be experts, but they are invested in the league and without them there is no baseball!! So please consider stepping up to the plate and get involved. It is a job that is taken for granted by some. It does take hours away from time with your family. It does take a commitment to the youth of our town. It does come with headaches and comments about how things should be different. It does require you to roll up your sleeves and get dirty. (literally you will need to get dirty...the fields do not take care of themselves).

At the end of the day I can honestly say that all you need to do to see that the hard work is worth it, is take a ride to water street or lower rec on a nice spring evening and listen to the boys and girls cheering on their teams and playing a game that they love. That is all you need to realize that the time and energy is time well spent. For without the commitment of the board you would not be hearing those cheers. The fields would be empty and overgrown and there would be no baseball!!

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